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Youth Soccer Shopping List for Parents

If you’re thinking about enrolling your son or daughter in your local youth soccer league this season, then you probably want to know what you’ll need to buy. One of the great concepts about soccer the world over is its affordability. The sport has expensive products and gadgets to use, but you don’t need a lot to play the game. Your league will probably cover youth soccer jerseys as they order for the whole team, but you’ll need to supply all the other equipment. Here’s a good list to go buy. [READ MORE]

Basic Equipment

At a basic level, your child will need cleats and some protective equipment. Diadora is a great starter brand, and adidas youth soccer cleats offer many varieties for nearly every position. Nike has some presence too, but Diadora and adidas offer a wider array of options.

Shin guards, and sometimes elbow pads, are important for any position. Even in a non-tackle youth league, you’ll still save yourself bruised knees and scrapes over the course of the season. Those knee high socks don’t last forever, and they certainly don’t provide much protection when sliding.

Be sure to check with your league’s specific guidelines to make sure that you’re buying pads your child will be able to use.


Your child will receive a uniform from the team, and you may be required to do some fundraising in order to make that happen. Practice gear is something you’ll have to pay for, but you really only need a t-shirt and shorts to do the work. A practice ball, and sometimes a dribbling or shooting buddy can be helpful. If your child is a goalkeeper, you may need gloves to protect his or her hands.

You might also want cones you can use at home to help practice dribbling and shooting basics. Small goals, spaced about three to five feet apart, make for good practice to get your shots on target. There are also several dribbling drills you can do.

Lastly, you’ll want a water bottle your child can bring to practice. Most schools and youth leagues provide some form of hydration, but you always want your child to have whatever he or she needs to keep going on the pitch.

Final Thoughts

Don’t think you need to go out and buy adidas ACE soccer cleats, or top of the line equipment. Soccer is an affordable game with lots of room to grow. Start with affordable gear and work your way up over time.