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Soccer Tactician Adin Osmanbasic

It’s quite difficult to actually pinpoint when it started, it could, perhaps, have arrived years ago, though the introduction of social media has probably elevated it to a scale where it has grown in awareness. There is no doubting that the topic of soccer tactics and strategies has now entered the majority of soccer fans consciousness. Supporters are more aware of their team and the opposition’s shape, both their styles of play and how each player affects the dynamics of the side. Truth be told, these conversations were probably taking place between fans in certain countries a long time ago, yet in certain places, particularly Britain and the US, this subject was thought of as being unnecessary, as physicality and how much the players ‘wanted it’ – whatever that means – were the most important factors in deciding a game. [READ MORE]

Currently, through devices like Twitter and the great number of different blogs out there, fans, and, just as significantly, coaches, can read, research and learn more about the tactical theory that the vast majority of pundits on television fail to provide. Instead of the mundane analysis where an ex-professional will describe a goal we all can already see, each of us can now access such brilliant sites like or the Twitter accounts of Euler or Sébastien Chapuis to discover rather why that goal was scored. The balance is starting to shift as well, with Rene Maric of the former, and top Scottish coach Stevie Grieve being given the opportunity to demonstrate their strong knowledge of the game to a television audience.

In December, the English version of the German site provided us with an analysis of the philosophy of perhaps the greatest coach of all time, Pep Guardiola. If you haven’t read it, I suggest you do so now. Adin Osmanbasic, the US-based Bosnian coach and analyst, opened up to us about the central principles of Juego de Posicion (translated to Positional Play) and how it has been executed in various games with a wealth of examples provided. Well-written with a fountain of new information supplied, I was keen to speak to Adin, determined to find out more about this philosophy that has gained a following of fascinated admirers

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