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The checklist for a youth soccer player

The new soccer season is fast approaching. Have you got everything your child needs to start the season off strong? Make sure they have the right gear for every practice session, game, and tournament with this comprehensive checklist of items from Soccer Garage:


You will need all the basics like t-shirts, soccer shorts, socks. If you can, spend the extra and buy sports-specific t-shirts with moisture-wicking fabric. Young players sweat a lot, and this will keep them dry and cool for longer. They will play better more often. Also, proper soccer t-shirts will last longer.

As a backup, put a set of socks, a t-shirt, and shorts in a Ziploc bag for rainy and damp days.


Your child will need a comfortable pair of flip-flops to wear between games, and while traveling. Discourage them from wearing their soccer shoes anywhere but on the pitch. The shoes will last longer and take on less damage. Also, use surface specific soccer shows.


There are other items that go into your soccer bags. First, there is the water bottle. Get an insulated water bottle that will keep the water cool for longer and one that has indicators so that your child can follow water drinking targets to remain hydrated. You will also need small sticks to get the mud out of shoes, trash bags, extra elbow and knee bandages, and a small first aid kit.

When traveling for an away game, the team will provide a list of items for you, so match that with what you already have.