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Soccer Nutrition: What to eat before your big game

Nutrition is important for everyone but is even more important for a soccer player before a game. Please note that although this article talks about what to eat the night before and the morning before a game, ideally you want to eat like this most of the time. Also, the following are examples that you need to tailor for your individual needs as a player.

The night before

The meal planning for the big game starts the night before. First off, avoid any junk food or food that you have not eaten before. The last thing you need is a distressed tummy before a game. With a lot of practice and training, you need to refill your glycogen stores, so look to eat whole complex carbohydrates like potatoes, rice, pasta, or darker bread. Also, start your hydration program the day before the game.

In the morning

Avoid eating large meals before your game. In the morning, about two to four hours before a match, eat a breakfast high in carbohydrates. Cereals and fruits are a good example of an appropriate breakfast before a match. If there is a lot of time between breakfast and a match, stick to small snacks like fruit and simple carbs leading up to the game.

The key here is to prioritize carbohydrates and hydration over protein and fats. The carbs fill your energy stores, keeping your energy levels stable throughout a game. After a game, you need lean protein and carbs to maintain and rebuild muscle.

Written by Soccer Garage.