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Top 25 Soccer Blogs to Follow

Blueprint for Football by @paul_grech

Whilst blueprint for football offers readers a weekly digest via email, the site has a blog that Paul perfectly maintains. I strongly recommend that all coaches sign up for BpfF and read the amazing content provided. 

Must read: what goes in to developing a coaching philosophy? Interview with Tim Lees (click here to read). [READ MORE]

Swiss Domestic Previews by @FootballSwiss

Offering previews of upcoming fixtures in the Swiss league. If you’re a betting fan, these are the sort of blogs you need to keep checking for form guides in leagues below Europe’s top 5.

Must read: favourite moments of 2014 in Swiss football (click here to read).

Confessions of a Rambling Red by @SamMcGuire

Sam is a talented football writer who’s interests cover a whole range of topics. His tactical pieces make for great reading and I can’t recommend this blog enough.

Must read: the rise of inside forwards (click here to read).

Scoreboard Journalism by @SimonGleave

Simon is a great guy with a deep rooted passion for football, or more apt, voetbal. He is able to bring the finer issues of Dutch football to an English reading audience by explaining the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of a result. However, his blog is not limited to statistics (or the Eredevisie) alone and you can find a fascinating array of articles here surrounding all elements of the game.

Must read: the aging game – for Infostradalive (click here to read).

Jed Davies by @TPiMBW

Jed has a reputation for being involved in quality. The Inspire events are fantastic, his book is superb and his blog has some excellent content on it, too.

Must read: Bielsa’s tactical influence on Pochettino (click here to read).

Spirit of Mirko by @mirkobolesan

Mirko Bolesan was a Genoan who played one game whilst on trial at Cardiff in 1995, before falling back in to the shadows of obscurity. That is, however, until a blog was created in his name. This blog promised to write about topics that were as equally obscure as old Mirko, and in doing so made the original Guardian ‘top 100′ back in 2010.

Must read: The World Cup B tournament in theory (click here to read).

putnielsingoal by @AFHStewart

Alex is a cool guy and his site – named after Danish physicist Niels Bohr – is pretty cool, too! Check out his sub-site while you’re at it.

Must read: Football Manager meets the X-Men (click here to read).

differentgame by @footballfactman (Paul Riley)

Paul’s fascination with statistics makes for great reading as he analysis his beloved Everton. However this is not solely a club blog. Paul has built an ExpG model which he explains in the below link, and his research into goalkeeping is phenomenal.

Must read: A shooting model – Exp(G)lanation and Application (click here to read).

Rightbankwarsaw by @rightbankwarsaw (Christopher Lash)

It always warms the cockles of my heart to read something totally unique to what you find elsewhere on the net. Christopher’s blog is beautifully written and offers the kind of insight into Polish football that you just won’t find anywhere else.

Must read: Legia Warsaw, Ultras and the lost Polish East (click here to read).

Coaching Advanced Players (tag Stevie Grieve) by @Steviegrieve

It’s hard to label Stevie as just a tactician due to his sheer versatility. He’s a coach and a TV pundit, too, yet manages to combine this triangular relationship to produce some outstanding football writing. Stevie has a bright future, as you’ll soon become aware of upon reading his work.

Must read: adjusting a system to different personnel (click here to read).

Rossoneri Blog by @RossoneriBlog

The most stylish club in European football have gone through a depressing patch these past few years due to an amalgamation of reasons. You get the feeling that the clouds will part soon and things will click for Milan once more, however in the mean time I suggest we follow Meytar’s blog to keep us up to date with the Rossoneri.

Must read: Van Bommel – a short yet wonderful adventure (click here to read).

SempreInter by @SempreInter

Everything that could be said about Internazionale would come from the same breath as the above Milan comment. Sempreinter do brilliantly to keep us abreast of the second most stylish club in Europe (sorry Interisti).

Must read: when Milito saved Inter (click here to read).

Football Republik by @FootyRepublik

This is a huge library with an awful lot of content. It didn’t take me long to stumble upon their ‘history’ section, where I spent a carefree hour reading about Dynamo Dresden, George Pattullo and president Sunyol

Must read: Deportivo la Coruna 1999/2000 (click here to read).

Goalden Times by @GoaldenTimes

Another huge website that has amazingly managed to cover so much of what is out there, whilst impressively remaining unconventional throughout. Their writing is certainly original and I will definitely follow them this year.

Must read: an analytical study of the FIFA World Coach 2014 award (click here to read).

13steps by @13stepsco

“Hello there” flirted tactical readers nationwide as this new-kid-on-the-block walked past late last year. And believe me, it’s not easy to impress that crowd.

Must read: Simeone’s Atletico corner analysis (click here to read). by @MagyrFociLive

The rationale for this site is that there is no other Hungarian football website for an English reading audience. Shocking, really, considering the historic football relationship between Britain and Hungary. I suppose now is a good time for me to admit that Győr are my secret hipster team.

Must read: the most ferocious derby you’ve never heard of – Újpest vs Ferencváros (click here to read).

The hitehouse Address by @The_W_Address

I’m a sucker for a blog with a clever name, so kudos to Matt Whitehouse for his attempt. Matt is an ambitious and passionate football coach who is unbelievably consistent with his blogging.

Must read: the risks of academy football (click here to read).

British Coaches Abroad by @StephenConstantine

India head coach Stephen Constantine founded this association for British coaches working abroad to provide tales of their experiences. The site brings us some amazing real-life stories from gentlemen who are doing the country proud.

Must read: Roy Hodgson interview, discussing his move to Sweden after being a teacher in England(click here to read).

The Home of Caribbean Football by @caribbeanftbl

Aiming to convince readers that there is more to the Caribbean than reggae music and Usain Bolt, this one man blog brings us interviews and insight about a developing region.

Must read: Caribbean countries and the diaspora in a football context (click here to read).

Financial Fair Play by @edthompsn

Ed is a finance manager for a large bank and runs this site to clarify aspects of Financial Fair Play. He believes that although FFP rules and regulations are not perfect, they are a significant improvement on the laissez-faire model previously in place.

Must read: was FFP the reason for high profile loans in 2014?(Click here to read).

11tegen11 by @11tegen11

Much respected, highly rated tactical analysis blog covering (mainly) Dutch top flight football. 11Tegen11 incorporates graphs and stats into his pieces impressively to back up his writing. You really need invest a day soaking up his brilliance.

Must read: quantifying gegenpressing (click here to read).

The Football History Boys by @THBs

A couple of mates at university got together and decided to make a football website. It’s got a lot of smashing content, so check it out.

Must read: The Croatia Australia rivalry(click here to read).

The Flying Wingback by @flyingwingback

Before being snapped up by , the Flying Wingback produced one of the most astounding articles I have ever read on the most tactically creative team in modern football history – click below.

Must read: FC Bayern Munich 2014/15, a full tactical profile (click here to read).

Coach Dan Wright by @CoachDanWright

A cracking resource of coaching sessions and theory. Bookmark this site!

Must read: central midfield rotations(click here to read).

Sport Executive by @SportExecutive

This is a wonderful site that produces a monthly magazine in Denmark. SportExecutive investigate the sociology of football on a global scale.

Must read: the earth shakes under Spanish football(click here to read).