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Lift Weights to Become a Better Soccer Player

By Soccer Garage

If you want to become a better soccer player, you may spend hours on the field doing drills over and over. You probably work on your cardio a lot too. However, being a soccer player and definitely as a woman, you may not spend much time in the weight room.

Well, it’s time to change all that. While there is plenty of women’s soccer equipment on the market to help you build up your body, an old fashioned weight room will have plenty available for you too.

For example, start doing squats. Don’t wear your women’s soccer shoes for this because they’re not ideal for squats. Instead, you want perfectly flat footwear. Lifting barefoot is an option too if the gym allows this.

Doing heavy squats will make your legs more powerful and even build your cardio in a big way.

Deadlifts are great too. Once again, do these with flat shoes. By doing deadlifts, you’ll work your legs again, but also your core. A strong core makes for a strong player. It also helps with your upper back which is vital for aiming the ball.

Finally, do some chin ups. Again, this will help with the upper back, which is responsible for turning your body along with the core.

If you want to play your best game when you take the pitch, you’re going to need the best possible soccer uniforms too.